General Questions
What areas do you cover?
We cover the Northeast Ohio area. We also provide services outside this area depending on the project. Please call for more information.
How can I contact you?
You can click on Contact Us on website and email or fill out Contact Us form. You can also call us.
Can JAMCO cable for phone systems they don't support?
Yes. We can add voice and data cabling for any system. Our quick service and professional workmanship allows us to save you the customer time and money on adds, moves, and changes
Phone Changes
How do I change the Date/Time on my Toshiba phone system?
From the main phone, usually ext 10, or 200, dial intercom #651. Enter the date in a 6 digit format, YYMMDD. Use 0 for any single digit month or day. Press the redial button. You will hear a confirmation tone.
Do you carry older Toshiba Phone parts?
Yes, we have a large inventory of older Toshiba parts. We also have relationships to obtain any Toshiba parts needed. We carry a large inventory of telephones for adds, moves, or changes to your system.